Brieflow is an online brief management software application tool designed to optimise processes globally for production innovation, new product development and enhancement to existing products, when briefing new or existing suppliers.


  • Ideally suited for Research and Development departments or communities.
  • Top level, real-time KPI overview of the business.
  • Integration with existing business Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Native mobile App version available.

For Individuals/

  • Easier management of the supplier briefing process.
  • Clear, defined briefing templates.
  • Overview of current product briefs including awarded items, bringing increased productivity.


  • Granular reporting on supplier performance.
  • Easier management of exclusive supplier contracts or agreements with greater cost efficiencies.
  • Seamless integration with supply chain commercialisation programs.

Hold All Supplier Asks

Manages external approved suppliers of products on a regional, sector or global basis, capturing the very first steps of development for a new product.

Knowledge & Sharing

Knowledge creation, storage, retrieval and transfer between divisions, retention of IP and supports the quality of decisions in the business.

Analytics & Reporting

Brieflow can visually display multiple metrics on a real-time, on-demand basis to various user levels. Data can be analysed efficiently.

Track All Briefs

Holds and tracks all requirements and awards to suppliers, providing an audit trail and justification of where and why business has been awarded and to whom.

Provides Visibility

A single point of visibility (SPoV), transparent and consistent communications aligned with your business strategy, resource, governance, regulatory and compliance.

Promotes Efficiency

An easy to use, one-stop electronic briefing portfolio, with standard briefing documents, which manages global and local priorities. Custom-built, cost-efficient automated system.

Sample Workflow

5 Key Benefits of Brieflow